Thursday, 4 August 2011

SEPATAH DUA KATA Special Quotes about love, living and dying

There's a lots of word that can be imagine and wrote when we talk about living and dying.. dying was
the scariness and living is about the most wonderful or harmful life ever had..  Love? There's a billion word and feeling can we describe when it is about love. everyone talk about it. everyday.every second and there's a part of life and living for. LOVE to GOD, RELIGION, FAMILY.. JOB.. FRIEND. ANIMALS..THINGS.. and we can love what we want.. There's nothing wrong with love but we as a human was wrong inspire the love out and use the power of love for the wrong way and wrong sensational feeling.. STOPP. !! make fool about love.. please be the most lovely person that full of true love.. and dont make people hate LOVE.. Spread the love to the world and person we love with a good and right way that should be healing our HARMFULL WORLD.... we use love for living in world.. that you know why? coz we love God so we have believed there's hope and we learnt to never give up and to be good to enter the HEAVEN.. we love family to make sure there's peacefull and community such a beautiful moment ever we can share and talk bad and good time. we use to love everyone surrounding us but doesnt know how to appreciate it.. does it such a pity. WE MUST APPRECIATE EVERYONE SURROUND US IF WE WANT TO BE APPRECIATE... when we woke up.. thats a relieved we still alive but how about if we doesnt wake up the next day and we doesnt have a chance to say we love them that always help and be with us.. especially our family and relatives. and doesnt say sorry for all our mistakes... WE ARE THE ONE THAT LOSER NOT EVEN IN THE WORLD BUT HERE AFTER.. DONT LIVE UR LIFE WITH REGRETFUL.. -to be continue in the next post INSYA'ALLAH..-

4th August 2011

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